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Twisted and blended yarns

Single- and multiple-twists made of:

Polyamide (PA), Polyester (PES)

  • from 22 dtex
  • from 50 tpm

Blended yarns mainly running with a filament yarn as core

Multiple-twists made of:

Polyamide (PA), Polyester (PES),

Elastane (EL), High-Tenacity Yarns (HT),

Melting Yarns, Water-Soluble Yarns (PVA),

Flame-Retardant Yarns (FR),

Reflecting Yarns, Carbon Filament (CF), Copper Wire (CU)

and Aramid (AR)

  • from 22 dtex
  • from 80 tpm

Blended yarns available as single-twist, cross-twist and covering-twist